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Creative Youth Celebration 2020

Submit Your Art

The inaugural 2020 Creative Youth Celebration is recognizing and supporting teens by awarding more than $10,000 in prizes.* We encourage high school students from Marin and surrounding areas to submit original creative works in any one or more of the five artistic disciplines

  • Short Films/Screenplays/Treatments – No more than five minutes or five pages in length
  • Photography – Includes analog (film) or digital techniques
  • Physical Art – Includes drawings, paintings, mixed or other media
  • Music Composition – In any genre
  • Music Performance – Includes any solo instrument or small group (up to five minutes in length)
Teen filming short film screenplay

Short Films / Screenplays / Treatments

Teen photographer


teen boy painting on easel

Physical Art

Teen composing music with computer and board

Music Composition

Teen band performing

Music Performance

helping students to

share their art
Creative Youth Celebration

Join the Movement

We are planning to celebrate teenage artists for their contributions to film, photography, art, and musical composition and performance. Enter your creative work today and GET RECOGNIZED & REWARDED!

Submissions now being accepted through Dec. 8, 2020

Who May Enter: Teenagers from Marin County and surrounding areas, ages 14-19

Submissions: Youths may enter in one or more categories (with a limit of two entries per category)

Enter Today! Submissions Accepted Through Midnight, Dec. 8, 2020


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Earn an Award

Celebrating Youth Artists

More than $10,000 in prizes will be awarded, with multiple honors in each artistic category.* The Creative Youth Celebration wants to not only reward the artists, but also show appreciation for their inspired works. Our hope is to encourage all participants to pursue their passion and to further their creativity.

*The total prize money is based on the total number of entries received.

Teen painter in art room