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After a practical joke gone horribly wrong, two frantic teenagers have to brainstorm ideas of how to hide the body of their friend, who they may have accidentally killed. While on a hike, Nick is pushed down a hill by his friend, Brett, as a joke and ends up unconscious. Brett and their friend, Sydney, jump to the conclusion that they killed him. The two think of ways to cover up their crime. Brett tries to use the internet to search “how to hide a body”, while Sydney believes that using acid to dissolve Nick would be the best bet. They argue on their respective ideas before coming to the agreement that burying Nick is the right way to cover up their crime. Sydney retrieves a trowel from Brett’s car and they dig a mediocre grave. Neither of the two notice that Nick is moving on his own, and that he is unconscious rather than dead. They throw him in the grave and start to run away. Nick wakes up and scares Brett and Sydney, who attack him in their panic. When they realize that he is still alive, they tell Nick to forget about what they did and to go home. Two Can Keep a Secret has comedic value and dysfunctional relationships between characters that create an amusing film. The mishaps of the cast are engaging and contain surprise twists to keep viewers entertained.

Two Can Keep a Secret