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Alex, a quiet but friendly young man walks into a party. He doesn’t know too many people there, but isn’t necessarily a loner either. Alex finds the friend he came to see, Ryan, and they exchange some friendly banter before the focus shifts. Ryan introduces Alex to Margot, the charismatic woman at his side, and a flashback begins. As the montage plays, we become aware that Alex and Margot dated, the flashback guiding the audience through their relationship from beginning to end. We see them meet at a coffee shop, playfully argue over films and talk on the phone. As the flashback progresses, the two start to fall out of love, as Margot’s fiery personality wants something different than Alex’s traditional plans. The implied ending of their relationship occurs when Margot leaves for a business trip and never comes back. The flashback ends and we see Ryan, unaware, reintroduce Margot and Alex as if they were strangers. The film ends with Margot pretending they’ve never met.

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