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Throughout Donald Trump’s four-term presidency he has legally allowed hospitals to turn away gay and trans people, United States Embassies are never allowed to display the pride flag including Pride Month, he ran with and has been leading with a Vice President who has fought his whole career to oppress LGBTQ+ people, he has allowed homeless shelters to deny access to trans people and he has elected a judge who wants to overturn gay marriage to the Supreme Court. People who support Trump are often seen using the word “unnatural” to describe LGBTQ+ lives, but there is nothing unnatural about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I decided to have the backdrop have some aspect of the natural world such as trees, roots, twigs, and leaves to underscore the fact that being LGBTQ+ does not equate to this idea of “unnatural.” In my project, I projected my images of nature onto my bright pink wall. To me, the bright, fiery colors that my pink wall brought out was the sentiment of the intense pressure of the current situation. I then held cut-out images of LGBTQ+ people and couples to express the fact that all humans are natural beings, with no exceptions. All humans are beings of this earth, being born a certain way does not strip a human of any of those connections. Then I added drawings of mine on top of the images using photoshop which shows an aspect of joy and celebration. The one thing that will always overthrow hatred and disgust is joy and love. I wanted to include this idea in my project so involves a layer of resistance and also a layer of triumph. Even though the opinions and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people may change, the lives of LGBTQ+ people will continue.

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