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When a lonely college student is confronted by her ex-boyfriend at a house party, she is forced to deny all of the dark secrets he reveals about her. Remember is a drama about a college student, Alexis, who runs into some challenges after she is abandoned by her friend and left to navigate a college house party by herself. While getting a drink, Alexis is introduced to a young man named Cameron, who she kindly greets and moves on. Cameron, however, starts asking her questions about why she isn’t admitting to knowing him. Alexis is left to deny everything Cameron says and hopes he stops talking. Almost immediately, Cameron gets angered and aggressively tries to jog Alexis’ memory, all the while, people at the party begin to listen and stare. Alexis yells for him to stop and leave her alone, to which he ignores. Cameron proceeds to yell out all of Alexis’ darkest secrets for everybody at the party to hear. Clearly unstable, Cameron continues screaming and Alexis tries to deny his claims so that she can leave. By the end, with tears streaming down her face and all eyes on her, she finally admits to knowing Cameron and with very few words, confirms the claims that he makes against her as true, leaving everyone around them in utter shock. This emotional story will pull you in and never let go. As audiences root for Alexis, tension builds as to what she’ll say next. Remember is unpredictable, suspenseful, and one of a kind. With relatable and distressed main characters, Remember is a drama for everyone to enjoy.