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A pessimistic “plus one” gives her unrelenting opinion on an art museum’s pieces, unaware of her audience. Magnolia has been strung along to accompany her friend Charlotte at a work event. The car ride to the event is filled with Magnolia’s nervous rambling, but when Charlotte persists, Magnolia’s reluctance is no match. At the gallery Magnolia breaks off on her own, examining each piece. When she reaches one that is particularly unfavorable, she is joined by a man. When that man asks for her opinion on the piece, Magnolia does not hold back, explaining exactly how horrid she believes it is. The man brings her to another piece, determined to get a different reaction, but Magnolia’s artistic eye remains negative. Upon rejoining Charlotte, the auction begins and Magnolia is horribly surprised to hear that the man from before was asking her opinion on his own pieces. The selling begins and not a single hand is raised, that is until Magnolia herself agrees to buy the painting. Constructive Criticism is a lighthearted and comedic piece that can be enjoyed by a variety of age groups. Not to mention that it’s simplicity would make the filming process a breeze. Magnolia is quite the relatable character and she draws attention through her witty dialogue.

Constructive Criticism