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Two competitive high school students find themselves spending more time together than usual, which may result in a friendship…or more. Maisie and Parker are both academic stars who spend the majority of their lives working hard and striving to be the best. However, one thing that’s better than being the best, is beating your rival. Maisie and Parker compete in every aspect possible, which leaves a lot of tension between them. However, they only see each other as hardworking students. Maisie and Parker have no idea what happens behind the scenes of all that effort and motivation. When both of them end up desperately volunteering at the same event, many thoughts and emotions are brought into light. “Company” is a simple, heartwarming script that displays tension in teenage lives that we normally don’t get to see. My script is the perfect way to show the toll that work takes on a teenager, and also just exhibit the “behind the scenes” of ideal teenage students.