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Over the course of a few years, Alex, a 14 year old boy who loves to help people, finds himself stuck in a manipulative friendship. When he receives a phone call from his friend, Tom, asking for help with homework, he does so, even though it is clear he doesn’t particularly want to. A year passes and Alex receives another phone call from Tom. When Alex suggests that the two volunteer for a blood drive, Tom immediately shuts him down and makes him feel sorry for even suggesting it because Tom hates blood. Alex hangs up, now ashamed. Another year passes and a disheveled Alex finds himself yet again on the phone with Tom, who implicitly threatened to commit suicide. Alex does his best to calm him down and leaves stressed and anxious. He returns later that night tired and miserable, before receiving advice from his mother, who reveals that she has been in a similar situation with Alex’s father. After a few months of implied hardship, Alex finally stands up to Tom and speaks his mind, effectively ending the codependent friendship.