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We begin when the Narrator introduces the audience to Jaz, an everyday good student, and Stephen, a jock. They are destined to be together. However, the cliché bumping into each other results in Jaz totally romantically unaffected, and Stephen wondering whether or not they feel the same way. Later, Jaz switches up theirs and Stephen’s backpacks, and Jaz’s quirky friend Lidia tells Stephen he should proceed in his courting pursuit with caution. The Narrator is annoyed at Jaz’s continual obliviousness to the cliché meet-cutes, and arranges one more—the falling over of each other—on the football field. Jaz slips away yet again, and Stephen asks them why they don’t seem to like him, and they tell him they’re aromantic. Stephen accepts this, the Narrator is defeated, and the script ends. Aro to the Heart subverts the expectation that the leads in fiction need to get together—with each other, or anyone at all. It combines expected romantic meet-cutes with half-expected people into an unexpected end.

Aro to the Heart