Submit an image of your physical art. Consider the lighting and background as you snap a pic.


  • Drawings

  • Paintings

  • Mixed Media

  • Photography


Image files: JPG, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF
File Size Limit: 20 MB

Judging Criteria

Here are general guidelines for this category on the judging criteria used for the 2020 Creative Youth Celebration.

guidelines for physical art

  • impact: Does your artwork have an effect by presenting ideas that may change the way the viewer sees the world? Does it show a strong perspective?
  • originality: Is your artwork provoking the viewer to think about an idea in a new and different way?
  • communication / inherent meaning: Does your artwork clearly deliver your ideas in a cohesive manner?
  • technical skill: Are you showing the best of your abilities at this point in your artistic journey?

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physical art

Escapism at its finest, sitting down and crafting a physical art piece is a cathartic form of self-expression. Whether it is through painting or mixed media, art is a vital cultural tool that needs to be consistently encouraged. The BACF supports students’ creations in the physical art medium – whether its drawings, paintings, mixed or other forms.

Submit original work of your personal creation.

Note, only two submissions per student, per category, are accepted.

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