Submit a live music performance including any solo instrument or small group (5 min). 


  • Live Performance


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Judging Criteria

Here are general guidelines for this category on the judging criteria used for the 2020 Creative Youth Celebration.

guidelines for music performance

  • impact: Do you engage the listener with a special or unique quality of presence?
  • originality: Does your personality come through in the performance? Does the existing piece become revitalized through the interpretation, in other words, do you express a new take on the song?
  • communication: how well do you invite the listener in? Is the song or piece convincing and compelling in its message?
  • technical skill: Do you as the performer sing or play with clear intonation, rhythmic accuracy, and appropriate stylistic expression? additional submission details
    • CYC reserves the right to disqualify any performance of song or piece that it deems inappropriate for festival audiences.
    • By submitting your cover of a song or instrumental performance, your entry must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity.
    • If vocal, the language of song must be appropriate for festival audiences

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music performance

Performing music is an omnipresent art form with cultures around the world cultivating their own styles and preferences. Music is powerful, transcending the differences in society by bringing everyone together as human beings. The BACF is interested in hearing the passionate performances put on by today’s youth.

The submitted performances should be the individual or group’s take on another person’s song. The intention of the BACF in this category is to reward the creativity in interpretive/performance.

Music Performance submissions may include any solo instrument or small group (up to five minutes in length) and cover any genre. Note the performers must be in the required 14-19 year old age range.

Note, only two submissions per student, per category, are accepted.

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