For the 2022 Creative Youth Awards, the Bay Area Creative Foundation is looking for advocates to help us spread the word about the CYA in their classrooms, high schools and afterschool programs. If you are a high school educator in the creative arts, an interested parent or community member, please contact us to learn more about the BACF and how we can come together to inspire and recognize the creative spirit in our youth.

  • Why should schools participate?
    While academics and athletics are supported predominately in schools and have measurable analytics for success and tangible accolades associated with them, the creative arts are often seen as secondary and sadly, are all too often cut due to lack of funding. At the Bay Area Creative Foundation, we believe encouraging creative thinking and fostering creative projects in youth seeds not only artistic development, but supports a wider array of creative thinking and innovation in disciplines beyond the arts alone.

    The Creative Youth Awards were founded to augment existing high school arts curriculum by providing students a platform to showcase creative projects and the opportunity to receive recognition and awards.

    BACF fully funds and administers the CYA program, and it is free for students to enter. Last year, the top 30% of submissions received a cash award and individualized feedback on their work from a panel of arts professionals, ranging from Emmy-award winning film documentarians to leaders at Pixar. All participants were gifted a free year-long membership to MasterClass.

    Our goals with hosting the CYA’s are as practical as providing students additional accolades for their resumes, experience with submissions software (our online entry partner, SlideRoom, is a standard in arts college applications), and as aspirational as providing a space that allows young creatives the opportunity to create or share a creative project they feel especially proud of.

    We hope you will join us in our mission to promote creativity in our community, and share the Creative Youth Awards with your students.

  • Is there a lot of extra work for our school?
    No. Schools will be asked to announce the program and to distribute promotional communications provided by the BACF.

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