Italian Street Painting Marin

Artist Registration

Event Dates: June 6th & 7th, 2020

Celebrating Creativity!

The 2020 event will showcase the fine art of street painting without focusing on a specific theme. This year’s event is a community celebration of creativity and artists are encouraged to fully explore their creative process.

Although the Event is not a competition, a Review Committee evaluates your work and selects participating artists. If you are selected as an artist for the 2020 event, you must render the image you included with your application form. Any image change must be submitted no later than April 15, 2020 for Italian Street Painting Marin's approval.

Please remember, sponsors and artists are partners! The sponsor purchases the space on which the artist creates an image, and their name is displayed above the image. Because the art created for your square represents the sponsor, it is very important that your subject matter be something that the sponsor will consider a positive partnership. Sponsors do not want their name associated with images of violence, gore, politics or major controversy. Italian Street Painting Marin must consider the sponsors’ concerns in our artist selection process.

incomplete chalk art of a beautiful woman with flowers in her hair

Approximately 100 artists will be accepted.
Early submission is recommended to assure consideration!