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General Background & Eligibility
  • What ages do you have to be to enter? The age requirements are: 14-19 years old. We are focusing on high school students.
  • Where do participants have to live to be eligible? The inaugural Celebration in 2020 is focusing on Marin students but we are accepting submissions for throughout the Bay Area.
  • What are the submission dates?
    LThe submission period opened in the fall with the return to school and we’ll be accepting entries through a deadline of midnight on Dec. 8, 2020.
  • Is there a fee to enter? No, and in addition all operating costs and prizes are covered by the Bay Area Creative Foundation, which is sponsoring the Celebration.
  • Can home school students enter? Yes, as long as the student is in high school and 14-19 years of age. and living in Marin. Where she or he attends school doesn’t matter.
Entering & Submitting Artwork
  • For the group submissions – like music performance – do all participants have to be in the required age range? Yes, our intention is to recognize and inspire youth artists.
  • How do I enter and what is the preferred submission format? The details on how to submit for each category are explained on the website page with the entry
    form. We have tried to simplify the submission process – for videos, artists can send links, and in other categories, we have included commonly used formats to upload artwork.
  • What are the photography and physical art submission requirements? We are asking for artists to submit original photographs of the artwork within the file size limit of 20 MB. Available formats to use are: JPG, GIF, PNG & PDF.
  • What are the film submission requirements and guidelines? To submit films, which can be up to five minutes in length, please upload entries to YouTube or
    Vimeo, and then send the link.
  • What are the music performance submission requirements and guidelines? Live music performances, which include solo or small groups, should be no more than five minutes in length. The file formats should be MP4 for video and MP3 for audio.
  • Can I submit more than one entry and in different categories? Yes, you can make submissions in all the categories with a limit of two per category.
  • Are there any excluded topics or themes for the submissions? No but obviously, we ask all participants to use discretion. We encourage creativity and want students to push the limits with their work, so we are not forbidding any topics.
  • How old can my project be and still qualify?  There’s no restriction on when you created your work – it must just be original.
Submission Review and Awards
  • How are students notified if they are accepted to be published or are winners in the contest? The announcement of awards is still to be determined, as it will be dependent on the county’s health situation and shelter-in-place orders. The award presentation could be in-person, over video conference or another way. We will keep the participants and schools informed on the website and
    through social media.
  • What are the prizes or awards? We plan to award $15,000 in prize money with multiple honors in each of the five categories. In addition, the BACF has partnered with MasterClass to offer one-year subscriptions to its online education platform, which offers classes taught by the best in business, culinary, arts, film & television, music & entertainment, photography, sports and more.
  • How will you display the artwork?
    All the entries will be displayed on the website in the Creative Gallery.
  • Will I still own the rights to my own work? Yes, absolutely. Our only stipulation in the Terms & Conditions is we plan to publicize the submissions and use them to promote the Celebration.
  • How will the artwork and submissions be judged? A panel of judges will evaluate the submissions based on a point scale with established criteria.
  • What are the judges looking for? The judges are looking for inspirational, creative, original art.
  • Why should schools participate? Part of our vision is to develop new programs, resources and instruction for local creative youth. We are hoping that through this opportunity, we can help to increase the awareness of the importance of creativity in all of our lives and encourage our young creatives by acknowledging that they have a special place in the world and are valued by their community. By creating a way to recognize and reward students, we hope to build on local school efforts to motivate and challenge young artists to display their works.
  • Is there a lot of extra work for our school? No. Schools will be asked to announce the program and to distribute promotional communications provided by the BACF.
  • Are you looking for outside partners and support? Yes, please contact Melissa McLane, the BACF Development Director at:
    melissa@bayareacreativefoundation.org or 415-729-1501.