Creative Gallery


The creative submissions for the 2021 CYC are on display for your viewing pleasure. There are more than 200 artistic entries in the gallery in six categories: Short Films, Music Composition, Music Performance, Screenplay, Photography and Physical Art. Enjoy!



The inaugural Creative Youth Celebration concluded with an uplifting live broadcast event on March 31, which awarded more than $17,000 in cash to talented students and showcased their creative work. 

Hosted by Michael Pritchard, the event features an inspirational address by BACF Founder Dr. Emil Kakkis, student performances and a special celebrity appearance.

Sponsored by the Bay Area Creative Foundation, the CYC live broadcast placed the student artists front and center, recognizing their outstanding achievements with awards ranging from $100 up to $1,000 for Presidential Merit. In addition, every CYC participant received a one-year subscription to MasterClass, which offers access to online classes in arts, film & television, music & entertainment, photography, and more.

If you would like to learn more about the Bay Area Creative Foundation and the plans for the 2nd annual Creative Youth Celebration, please contact us.

  • Chris Boyadjiev – Music Performance
  • Kiara & Sophia Bromberg – Music Composition & Performance
  • Jessica Bukowski – Film
  • Juliette Ardzdrooni – Photography
  • Natalia Betzler – Music Composition
  • Jack Bober – Photography
  • Lily (moth) Borrill – Art
  • Hannah Chen – Music Composition
  • Zoe Edwards – Screenplay
  • Hannes Gerber – Film/original song
  • Shayla Gernhardt – Screenplay
  • Aryarajsinh Jhala – Art
  • Eric Koh – Music Performance
  • Tobias Maxon – Film
  • Josette McBride – Screenplay
  • Genevieve Melberg – Art
  • Talia Skeen – Music Performance
2021 Review Panel:
  • Misha Bruk, Professional Photographer. Category: Photography
  • Costantinos Dafnis, Film Scoring and Sound Design faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory in Technology and Applied Composition; professional composer and artist. Category: Film & Screenplay
  • John Ditton, BACF Board. Category: Photography & Film
  • Bryn Imagire, Art Director – Pixar. Category: Physical Art
  • Lisa Jones,  Founder, MASTERWORKS art studio. Category: Physical Art
  • Nicole Newnham, Emmy-winning documentary producer and director, four-time Sundance Film Festival alumnus and six-time Emmy-nominee. Category: Film
  • Emil Kakkis, BACF Founder. Categories: Music Composition & Music Performance
  • Chris Sampson, Founder, Popular Music program;teaches at the USC Thornton School of Music. Categories: Music Composition & Music Performance
  • Robert Schleeter, Former Marin Academy music teacher, professional  musician.Categories: Music Composition & Music Performance
  • Arkadi Serper, Director of Piano and Composition and Music Theory at The Crowden School, and teaches at the San Francisco Conservatory in the Preparatory Department. Categories: Music Composition & Music Performance

Short Film

Music Performance

Music Composition


Physical Art